Sunday, December 16, 2007

Well, it's been a long time...again.

So, it's been a long time again. I have been really busy lately. My senior research paper has taken up a lot of time, but I finally got it back and I made a 117% on it. There were 1300 points possible and I received 1521 points. I was really excited. My grade in English right now is 104. I also had to do a powerpoint for the paper and I got a 100% on it. I have made it through the first semester of the dreaded AP Senior English. Only one semester left!!

I can't believe that my senior year is half over. I just received my first college acceptance letter. It was from OSU. I thought I wanted to go to SBU in Bolivar, but I'm not feeling led to go there right now. I feel like I'm being pulled to OSU. It's cheaper too.

My job is still going really good. I really like it. I love all my little kids there. They are starting to remember my name and it is so good to finally hear them call me, "Miss Jana." After two and a half months, they are finally learning it.

My little brother took my senior pictures for me. He did a really good job. I saved a whole lot of money. I also saved a lot of money when I ordered my cap and gown. It was going to end up costing me like 30 some dollars, but it only ended up costing me $7. My parents and I were both very pleased. Being Indian really pays off. I'm being very frugal this year, trying to save as much money for college as possible. I'm also borrowing my cousin's prom dress that she wore to her prom last year. It's so pretty. I love it. So that's saving a lot of money too.

I just finished my latest story. It's called Lemonade. I love it so much. I can't wait to be published. I want to be published so bad.

Please pray for my strength right now. I know Satan is testing me before I go to college. He wants me to fail. Pray that God keeps me strong. It's hard being around people who are so shallow in their faith. I know I'm not perfect, but I want to be around people who try to be their best for Christ all the time. People just don't care about being pure anymore. College couldn't get here any faster.

Well, I hope to talk sooner next time. I'm sorry I waited so long to post. Talk more later.