Saturday, June 28, 2008

College is so close...I can't believe it!!!

So I can't believe that college is less than two months away. I have about one month of work left and then I will be taking a couple of weeks off before I go to college and start my new, busy life. I have my roommate and my room assignment, and I also have most of the stuff I need for college. It's great. The only thing I really need is just a little bit more money. Ha Ha. But who doesn't?

My mom and I had our first big cry the other night. I knew it was coming. We had been talking for awhile one night, and it was getting pretty late, and we both realized how much we were going to miss the other. I think I've put up this fake front for awhile about how I'm ready to leave and I won't miss anything about my town or anybody. But that's not true. I will miss each and every member of my family terribly. I love them all so much. I will miss my room and my house. And I will miss the familiarity that comes with knowing the same town for eighteen years. But I know that God has some great things planned for my life.

But until college starts, I still have one more trip that I know of that I will be going on. I will be a sponsor for a camp during the third week of July. The camp is for impoverished kids, and it's just a way to show God's love to them. I'm so excited. I think it will be a great week.
I guess that's all for now. But until next time, May God Bless You.