Thursday, December 10, 2009

Repacking my suitcase

As you know, I've been seeing a counselor for about two months now. It has helped so much, and hopefully sometime next semester I won't have to go anymore at all. But only time will tell.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my counselor and we talked about how I have changed so much since I was in high school. I told her that I feel like that the person I used to be is no longer here and that a new person is here. For some reason, I'd been feeling bad about that, thinking that I was supposed to stay the same forever. I don't know why I thought that though.

We also talked about some of the things I learned from my parents while I still lived at home. The things I learned were all good things, but maybe some of those things don't apply to my life as much right now as they used to. My counselor said that it was time to unpack and then repack my suitcase. She said that those things that I don't need anymore need to be taken out and that the things I do want need to be put in.

I had never thought of it that way. I didn't know it was okay to change. I mean it makes sense. I'm not going to be the same person in ten years who I am now. So it makes sense that I'm not the same person I was when I was 16. My morals and beliefs are still the same, but I'm doing things and acting upon things because of what I believe, not because of what my parents tell me to do. I still honor the lessons and important things my parents taught me, but now they have become mine as well.

My counselor said that it was time to turn over a new leaf. It was time to repack my suitcase and start having fun with life. Not too much fun, but enough fun where I'm not on the verge of tears every day. My mom tells me to do one fun thing every day. I agree with her.

I can't believe that I have one week of this semester left. It doesn't seem possible. It seems like just yesterday it was the first day of Astronomy and I was so stressed because I thought I was going to fail the class. Well, I thank all of you who prayed for me. I can gladly say that class is over and that I have an A in it. Woot Woot. I'm so happy.

I'm so excited to go home for Christmas. To see my friends and family and enjoy this Christmas season in a new, exciting fun way. Maybe I'll be spontaneous here and there. Life needs to be more fun than we make it.

So in about a week I'll be repacking my more than one way.
May God bless you and Merry Christmas.