Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Second College Visit.

Yesterday, I visited OSU. I went there with my dad, and one of my friends from high school gave me a tour.

Here are some things that I didn't like about it:
  • It's very big. A lot bigger than what I had aniticipated.
  • They have co-ed dorms. I didn't like that.
  • There are a lot of bars and places to party around the campus.
  • It's so busy.

The things that I didn't like far outweigh the things that I did like. The things that I did like were so minute and insignificant that they wouldn't and shouldn't matter in a college selection.

I realized that I like SBU a lot more. It's so simple. It's a lot easier to get to, it's smaller, and I'll have a better chance of getting a Christian roommate and finding a Christian guy. I think I'm pretty set on SBU. What I was really surprised was that my dad was totally for SBU. My mom and I both thought that he would really play up OSU because it is cheaper. But he didn't. He told me that I would stay more focused at SBU and that God could speak more clearly at SBU than He could at OSU. I think I've been so focused on knowing God's will that I didn't look at the obvious. I'm a Christian, why wouldn't God want me to go to a Christian university where I'm surrounded by hopefully more Christian people than not? It's pretty obvious.

So I think my college selection process is almost over, I hope. Unless God brings something else into my life, I'm pretty sure SBU is where I'm going.

Talk to you later.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Second Day on Campus!

Well, I had my second day experience at SBU today. I went to church with Lindsey and two of her friends. The sunday school class was good, but I almost fell asleep in church.

Then we went to Lindsey's grandma's house for lunch. We had mexican and it was really good. I didn't eat until a few minutes ago because I was so full.

Then tonight I finally got involved with all the Bearcat activities. It was really fun. We had a game show relay game and we got to act like we were on certain T.V. shows or commercials.

The only thing that gets me though is that I have a wonderful time when I'm away from Lindsey. She's so moody and emotional. And all her spare moments and time is spent on Chandra. Yes, I know she's leaving in a few weeks, but she could talk to me too. Maybe I'm just being selfish, I don't know. I can't wait to go visit OSU next weekend. I want to feel 100% sure about where I'm going to college. When we visited Lindsey's grandma's today, it felt so nice to have a place to come back to. That would be a very nice plus to going to college here. I would have a place to do laundry, and a place to get wonderful home cooked meals. Thank goodness this college has a workout center. I'm afraid I'm going to need it.

Just pray for me through my college picking journey. I did meet my admissions advisor today. He was very nice. It was really nice to meet him because I've talked to him since last April over the phone, but never in person. It was nice to finally get to talk to him in person.

Well, I'll talk more later. Just keep praying. That's all we can do.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My First College Visit!

Well, I am finally at my first college weekend. So far, I really like the campus, but it's really rainy here right now and really cold. The student host that was supposed to be my host this weekend has a friend here that is leaving for Afganastan in a couple of weeks. This is the last time she is going to see her before she leaves. She's in the Marines. I know that she needs to spend time with her, but I wish I had more time with her too. I'm kind of left out in the cold. But the college won't be about socializing and being with your roommate constantly. It will be about the learning experience and about the environment around you. I really like the layout of the college. It's small and easy to find everything. The college is laid out in a circle. It's pretty small. A lot smaller than what I thought it would be. Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm going to church with Lindsey. Then afterwards, we're going to Lindsey's grandma's house for lunch. I'm actually kind of excited. I get to see my mom and I'll have someone to talk to. I wish I knew for sure or not if this is where I'm supposed to go to college. I wish God would just send me the ultimate sign. But I know I have to wait on Him and His timing. I just hope that's not too much longer.

Next weekend, I'm visiting another college. This one's actually in Oklahoma. I don't know what I'll think of it. I already know that it's a lot bigger than the one I'm visiting now. But that's okay. I'm just really not sure what I want. I've always thought a college environment would be different than what I saw today. And maybe I have this impression because of the experience I had with my host. We went to dinner tonight with Lindsey's boyfriend and a friend of his. It was probably the most awkward experience I've ever had. I think I would've enjoyed it a lot more if I was given a tour and had a host I didn't know. I just sat there and listened to everyone else talk. It was bad, but I'm ready for the other events of the weekend too.

I guess my waiting will never end. I just have to keep praising God and giving Him the glory for all He's done and going to do. I praise Him even though I don't know what He's doing.

I'm proud to say I have updated my profile picture. After seven months, I figured it was time I gave you a more recent picture.

Well, it's late and we have to get up and go to church tomorrow. I'll talk to you later. I want to start blogging more. I wish I had internet at home.

I'll give updates after my next college visit.