Sunday, September 28, 2008


College, so far in my life, is very different from anything else I've ever experienced. It's different from high school, different from living with my parents, and different from my normal course of life. Things are happening that I've never had to deal with before. Not big things, but issues that I have to look at and see where I stand. Not where my parents stand, but where I stand.

Different things have arose that before I've just kind blown off or not had to deal with. The more I'm here, though, I realize one very true and undeniable fact: God is the only constancy in my life. For a long time I thought my parents and friends were. But now, they're all gone. I'm not saying that we shouldn't depend on our parents and friends, but they won't always be right there everyday. I'm making new friends, but some day I may not see them everyday either. God just keeps telling me through different circumstances that He is the only who I can fully rely on 100% of the time. Faith plays a very big factor here.

I've been told that college freshman, especially females, change a lot their first year. I might have already mentioned this, I don't remember. But I can already tell I'm changing. I'm on my own and the choices I make now are more concrete and permanent than the ones I used to make.

Another thing I've realized is despite the fact that I used to absolutely want to get out of my home town so bad, I miss it so much. I miss my parents, my brother, my room, and everything about home. I miss all of my family and my cousin. I miss our old church. Things are just changing, and I'm not quite used to it. College is great, but I just didn't think I would miss home this much.

I'm happy, don't get me wrong. Things are just different. Well, I have to go to a meeting. I will write more later. Please pray for me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Church, Concerts, Camping...Such Fun!!!

Well, I've had an eventful weekend and beginning of the week.

I went camping Friday night into Saturday morning with like thirty other people. We slept in tents and roasted marshmallows and made smore's. It was pretty fun. Then when I got back from camping and looking like poo, I showered and made myself look presentable for the football game.

On Saturday, I attended my first college football game of my college. We won 83-6. It was the first time since 2001 that our team has won two games back to back. We're usually not that good. I think they just wanted to show off because I've finally come to college. (ha ha) After the game, I went to my friend Tarah's house, and her mom let me do my laundry again. This is the fourth week I haven't had to pay for laundry. We watched a movie, ate dinner, and hung out. It was really fun.

Then on Sunday four or us girls went to a church in a little town about twenty-five minutes from here. It was the First Baptist Church of that town, and I loved it. I think we're going back this Sunday. It was so homey and everyone was so friendly and loving. We didn't get out of church until ten after twelve and that's a little late for me because at my church back home we always got out before twelve. But they are so laid back and easy going. Their college and career class is good too. Then after church, one of the moms who has a son who is a freshman here had all the college age kids over to her house for lunch. It was so good. I loved it all. After church, I had to come back and study for the four tests I have this week. Well, I only have three left now because I took one today. I have two tomorrow and one on Friday, plus I have a research paper to research.

But tonight we had three groups that performed here. One was Alli Rogers, the next was Chris Taylor, and to top it off the Robbie Seay Band performed. It was incredible. I loved every minute of it. They were this brick of three albums, one from each group, and a book for thirty dollars. I couldn't resist. I also got autographs and pictures with them. And best of all, it was free. I love college.

Well, I better wrap it up. I have to get up at seven in the morning, and I have those two tests tomorrow. And I start volunteering at the pregnancy resource center tomorrow. Then tomorrow night our hall sponsor is having us over to dinner. Busy, busy day. And I have a Pilate's class. Whew! Well, I'll write more later.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Weekend and some more

Well, my weekend at home went well, although coming back was quite the adventure.

I saw my little brother's puppy, and she is very cute. My friend and I had fun, but on our way out of my hometown we got to a little town about fifteen to twenty minutes from where I live to fill up gas. This is the town my mom grew up in. Anyway, we pulled into this gas station, and everyone is pointing to the flat tire I have on the front right side of my truck. I wasn't too happy.

So I called my dad, and he was there in like twenty minutes, but before he got there, there were these two burly guys who helped me change it. I did get the spare down though. And I had muddy shorts to prove it. And because my tools are in underneath the back seats in my truck, all the stuff we had loaded in the backseats had to be rearranged and switched and everything. We had planned on leaving at three and we didn't end up leaving until three forty-five. We put air in the spare and finally we left. My mom said a prayer with us before we left. We should've said a prayer at our house and maybe I wouldn't have gotten that flat. Oh well.

So today I go to have my tire fixed, and I find out it can't be fixed. I was told by the people who I've taken my truck to the four times since I've been here to go to Wal-Mart and get two new front tires and get the back tires put on the front so the new ones would have good traction on the back.

I ended up spending $187 to get two new tires put on plus warranties and guarantees and all that jazz.

I guess the good thing about my day was that I went and filled out an application to be a volunteer at a pregnancy resource center here. My parents probably won't be thrilled to know it's a volunteer position, but I have to have volunteer hours for one of my scholarships. They'll just have to get over it. I've wanted to do this for a long time.

So now, I'm here in my room eating lasagna that mom made this weekend. She gave my friend and me some to take back to our rooms. It's very good.

Sunday night when we got back, there was a meeting I went to for one of the ministries I'm involved in. During the meeting, we had a prayer time, and I started missing my family a whole lot. I think saying goodbye the second time was harder than the first. I hope they don't keep getting harder. But I will be here for another month before I go home so hopefully next time will be easier. But anyway, during this prayer meeting, I just started crying. I ended up crying for like an hour and luckily my friend who went home with me was there and she prayed with me and talked to me. It was a hard night. I ended up wearing sweats to class the next day. I allow myself one grungy day a week and yesterday was mine.

Well, I've got stinkin college algebra to do and I've got to get online and work on yearbook before my cardio step and Pilate's classes. I just love college.
I'll write more later.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I really do, in a simple and honest way, love college.

So I've discovered that my favorite days of classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays. I do have to be to class by 8:30, but I absolutely love the classes I have. There's just something about college professors that is different from high school teachers. They actually do love their job. There not there just to earn money. They care about educating us. Some of my professors I could just sit and listen to all day long.

Tomorrow I'm going home. Today makes the third week I've been away from my parents. Odd that that falls on September 11. But anyway, I'm so excited to see my parents and my brother. I'm also bringing a friend home with me, so that will be fun too.

It's funny. As many times that I said I couldn't wait for college my senior year, I really do miss my hometown and my family. I'm slowly but surely getting used to it. At first it seemed like I would be going home sometime, but I'm getting used to being here. I really do love it. Everybody here is so nice. I can't say that this feels like my hometown because I'm still in the transition phase. But one of these days it will feel more like home. My hometown will always be my home, but this can be like my second home, if that makes any sense at all.

Well, I've gotta go work on some other stuff. I'll update when I get back from home.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This is a picture of the forum. It's just an area in the middle of campus, and this fountain happens to be in the middle of it.

This is the student union. It's probably one of the most important buildings on campus.

This is the yearbook office where I'll be working this year. Yea for yearbook.

This is the Wellness Center. I have my fit and well class in here, and this is also where I get my "obese" butt to the gym. Ha Ha.

This is the football stadium. This is where I watched the High school football game. I haven't got to watch a college game yet.

This is the Taylor Building. It's where I have my government class.

This is a faraway picture of the Wheeler Science Building. It's where all the math and science classes are, and it's where I have my college algebra class.

This is my "home" building. It's called the Jester Learning and Performance Center. It's the English, Performance Arts, and Library building. It's where I have my Comp 2 class.

This is the The Courts Redford College of Theology and Ministry, also known as the Jim Mellers Center. It's where I have my Spiritual Form class. Most people just call it the Redford building.

So this is my campus. I love it so much. I took my first test today. My first test of college. It was in government, and it really wasn't too bad. I got out of class like an hour early. It was great.

Well, I hope this is a little easier to visualize. The climate here is definitely different from where I'm from. This morning it had to have been in the high fifties. It was a little chilly. But it warmed up this afternoon.

Well, I will post more later.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh My Gosh...The Past Two Days Have Been So Much Fun!!!

So Friday I saw my first live football game of the season and it was so much fun. The high school team here won, and one of the guys I had met earlier in the week that played on the team caught one of the touchdown passes and it was so exciting. After the game, we (I say we, I mean me and my new friend Tarah) headed for a bonfire. It was down by this creek, but we weren't going to stay for very long because we had to take Tarah's younger sister home. Well, we were getting ready to leave, and this truck blows a tire on a one way bridge in front of us. So we were stuck behind this truck for an hour and a half because the truck was using Tarah's car's headlights. They were having trouble getting the spare tire down. My dad had taught me how to change a tire before I left for college, but I never thought I would have to help a bunch of guys. I thought I was going to help them get it down, but Ford makes their trucks really weird. It turns out they were missing a part that had been in the glove compartment the whole time.

After that, Tarah and I headed to Wal-Mart and bought some food before going back to our dorms. We didn't get back until one o'clock. But it was tons of fun.

Then today there was supposed to be like four of us girls going over to Tarah's for lunch and a movie, but it ended up being just me and Tarah and we stayed longer than just one movie. We ended up watching three. Her parents made lunch and it was so good. Way better than cafeteria food here. They made pasta with this really good chicken, tomatoes, green beans and her mom made brownies for dessert. Her mom also let me do my laundry there. God has definitely blessed me so far in not having to pay for laundry. And next weekend I'm going home, yea!!, so I'll get free laundry there too.

So we watched three movies and then went to Wal-Mart and bought pads and tampons together. It was really fun. I don't think I've ever bought those with another girl before but I think Tarah was glad I was there. We used the self-checkout things because we were kind of embarrassed. Can you believe it? We're college girls and we're still embarrassed about that.

Next weekend, Tarah is going home with me and she's going to the football game with me. I'm going to show her all around my hometown and we're going to have so much fun.

Oh, and by the way, my truck didn't end up costing me as much as I thought it was going to. He is so faithful.

These are picture of us from the football game. We had so much fun. I will update later, and hopefully, I will have pictures of the campus. Talk later. Jana

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ever had one of those days that just wasn't your day? ...Well, this one was mine.

It started out raining. That wasn't too bad because it rained yesterday too. But today was colder. I don't know why, but it was.

I didn't fix my hair or wear make-up because yesterday I did and the rain ruined it. And any girl knows that when you don't fix your hair or make-up your self-esteem just isn't as high on those days. It's a weird thing.

So I went to Spiritual form and that was good. But when I went to English, it wasn't so good. We got back a quiz that I made a hundred on (okay that was good), but when we took a quiz today, I think I missed at least two, but we had a bonus. But there were only four problems on the quiz. I was praying the whole time. So that didn't do much to lift my spirits.

Then I went to physical fitness and wellness. And according to my results from pretest compared to the national average, I am obese. That absolutely sent me to the ground. I'm never eating anything again. No not really, but it really woke me up. He said the two major things to look at were our results from the 1.5 mile walk/run and our body fat percentage. Let's just say I didn't too hot on either. And let's just say that I will be avoiding sweets for a long time and getting my oversized butt to the gym more often.

And then...(oh yes, there's more) after my last class I was getting ready to go to Wal-Mart when my truck decided it wanted to not start. It was just clicking. That made me so mad because a week ago today I had new battery cables put in it which cost me forty dollars. So I called the guy and he came and looked at it and told me to go to Wal-Mart and have them put a new battery in it. I finally got it started and drove it to Wal-Mart. The new battery ended up costing $70 since the warranty was only good for four stinkin' dollars. And when I was coming out of Wal-Mart to get in my truck and put groceries in it, the guy turned it off. When I tried to turn it back on, it still wouldn't start. Talk about mad. They finally got it started and recommended that I take it back to where I had it before and get a new starter.

A new starter is going to cost me $110. I'm not too happy. Thankfully the parentals are going to pay me back since how I will now have spent over $200 on this thirteen year old truck. Poor thing.

And when I got back to my room, I noticed that my cute little white comfy pants had two brown spots on them. That didn't thrill me either.

So let's summarize, shall we. I'm an obese college student with a truck that won't start (oh and I'm poor) and my pants are no longer white. I think that about does it. I just love my life.

I'll report more later. And let's hope next time, I'm a little happier. I guess God has funny ways of testing our faith.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just a Rainy Day!

I've been meaning to take some more pictures of the campus and of the dorm I live in, but today it is pouring rain. I'm sure the weather from the hurricanes and tropical storms hasn't helped any. I was in the Science and Math building earlier after my last class in a skirt and flip flops, so I called my roommate who graciously drove down there and picked me up. That was so sweet of her. We are both now laying on our beds in hoodies trying to warm up. The rain is cold. I was going to go to Wal-Mart as well, but I'm going to wait until it quits raining. I've got stuff I can do to keep me occupied in here for awhile.

College is going well. I've made a lot of friends. One girl in particular and me have just hit it off. She's an awesome Christian girl who has never had a boyfriend and she's never been kissed either. We know what the other is going through, but more than that we can talk and laugh together about everything. She's a Godsend. I love her to death.

My roommate and I and one of our friends down the hall stayed up last night and watched a movie. I didn't end up going to sleep until around one o'clock, but I just had a nine o'clock class today so that wasn't too bad. I went with one of my friends to visit her grandparents in Springfield last weekend. It was good to see them, but I was very glad to get back to my room. It's funny after just a week, seeing my room is such a comfort and a place of rest. There for a little while, I felt like I was at church camp and that I would be going home in a week. And I will be going home in two weeks, but not to stay. It's just all kind of weird right now. But I know I'll get used to it as time goes by.

They offer twenty-three workout classes a week here at the college. I went to two last night. The first one was cardio step, and then following that one was a Pilate's class. I feel so good today. I drank a lot of water last night, so I'm not sore today. I'm so glad they offer the classes. The instructor is so nice.

Well, I will try to post some pictures later when it's not raining.
I'll write more when I can.