Saturday, January 31, 2009


My first full week back was okay. Aside from the ice and snow and cold weather, it was good. I like most of my classes, and I've already met a lot of new people. Tonight my roommate invited two girls over and we watched the Count of Monte Cristo until one o'clock. It was really fun.

My two favorite classes are Old Testament History and (dare I say it), Biology. I didn't think I would like Biology at all because I hate science and math, but I do. Most of the reason why I like it is the professor. He's really good at what he teaches and he makes it easy to understand. I've grown to learn even in this first week back that a professor makes or breaks a class.

My computing and intro to music classes I think will be easy because I already know a lot about both subjects. I'm not saying I won't learn new things, but they won't be classes I will have to stress about. I'm also in a psych class that I think will end up being easier than what I thought on the first day. My other class that I'm in is a class called Critical Thinking. It's good so far. The class ends right before Spring Break so I can't complain.

I've worked out twice this week, which isn't much, but it's good for me, especially on the first week back. After tonight (yes we had some food to go along with our movie) I'm going to need to eat lightly tomorrow and really work-out good.

The snow is melting although it left behind a lovely amount of slush. My roommate and I also rearranged our room today and it looks really good. We moved by bed up against the wall and brought the tv over to where our beds are. So now we can actually watch tv from our beds. It's really nice. And on the other side of the room there is a lot more space. (Hey, Katlyn, I guess we kind of got a work-out doing that. Wink, wink.)

I've come to a realization that might have hit more over break than it has since I've been back. I think I am going to stick with writing for my major for now. I had thought about looking into this thing called the Indian Health Program that gives scholarships to students who major in certain health fields. To do this I would've majored in either psych or sociology. Right now, neither of those seem appealing. I was at home one day over break just writing, and I realized that God has given me this gift. I've already written what I call a novel, and I know he wouldn't have given this to me for nothing. Writing is a big part of my life. If someone told me tomorrow that I could never write again, I don't know what I would do. It's almost like second nature to me. I know that I will have to trust God for money and other things, but what is life if all of it is mapped out perfectly without relying on God? That's not life. Life is trusting him and knowing that he will work everything out in his timing, in his way, and that it will far surpass anything I could imagine.

I was going through some books that I brought to college tonight (realizing that I brought too many :) surely not ) and I found one that had belonged to my great-grandmother. I don't know if my aunt had it first or if I got it after she died. But the copyright date read 1883. That book is over 120 years old. It is called Wellsprings of Life. It just has little tidbits of information on certain aspects of life. But the cover is beautiful and the pages are worn and yellowed. Books that old are such treasures. People who have been dead for a very long time held that book and wrote in it and probably just thought it was any old book. But to me, 126 years later, it's like gold. I want to write something like that someday and then 120 years later (if Jesus hasn't come back) I want to impact some one's life for the better because of it. Books capture me into their pages, into the folds of intricately planned stories. It's kind of how God has planned and written a story for each of our lives and we all fall into place in the story. Other than my love for my God and my family, I've never been so passionate about anything else.

So, yeah, I'm sticking with writing for now. I don't see myself doing anything else unless God tells me otherwise.

It's late, and I need to do some things tomorrow. Good night.

Friday, January 30, 2009


So over my very long break, I painted my room and rearranged my furniture in my room. I thought I would put up a few pictures. I also wanted to share a couple of photos of what it looked like here on Tuesday night. It was really pretty with the snow and everything.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What A Day!!!

So today was my first day of classes back at college. They went good, although I started that wonderful time of the month today so my stomach was a little upset, but other than that it was a good first day. I really like my Old Testament professor; I think he will be really funny.

So after my classes were over, which was around two, I headed back to my room. I knew I needed to work on a scholarship that is due in February. Not remembering how bad and how fast the awful weather was coming, I left the dorm room to go run some errands and take care of the scholarship. I went to the Alpha House where I volunteer and got that straightened out. I came back by the college and got my transcripts. Then I went to the bank to cash a check. My next stop was Wal-Mart. I had to get some stamps (which you can now get at Wal-Mart if you didn't know) and an envelope to mail the scholarships.

When I finally paid, I carefully made my way out to my truck stepping ever so lightly on the increasingly slippy parking lot. I got in my truck and started back for the college (which is not very far from Wal-Mart.) So I'm about halfway to the college and I slide in the road. Well, luckily the person behind me slid too. They didn't hit me, but it gave me room to back up a little bit and straighten out. I turned the corner onto the main college street and I was doing okay at like five miles per hour.

When I got to the entrance to the parking lot by my dorm, I started slipping a little more. But again, I did okay and it worked out. The bad news is I didn't find a parking spot in that parking lot and as I tried to exit that parking lot, my poor little non-front wheel and non-four wheel drive truck started to spin. It was not good. I even had it in second. I put it in park and it started to slip backwards, so I had to slam on the brake. After two or three more attempts, I finally gave up and called our campus' safety and security. They didn't do much to help me. Then I called my dorm office and they sent our Resident Director and one of the Resident Assistants out to help me. They helped a little, mainly just to calm my nerves. But right before they came out, this little gray car slid into the front of my truck. It didn't leave any damage, but the guy just drove off and didn't get out or anything. I wasn't too happy about that.

Finally after twenty minutes and holding up six cars from getting out of the parking lot, my friend's boyfriend walked up to the front of the line and asked what was going on. I explained my pitiful predicament and his girlfriend and my two suite mates jumped into the back of my truck to add some weight to it while he pushed. I've never really witnessed a miracle before, but I think this was the closest thing to one. It was amazing. It was like the hand of God had just come down and pushed my truck out onto the road. Right now my little truck is parked in an illegal parking spot because I could move it no further on account of slipping even more and having a wreck. So I am very thankful right now that God saved me and I'm praying that the local police don't give me a ticket.

So that wasn't very much fun, but a lot of very good things did happen today. I received a check in the mail from one of the nicer resale shops in my home town. I painted my room over the break and was getting rid of some things and took a few things by there. I must have sold something because the check was $18.22. I was very happy. I also had to have two transcripts for my scholarships and I thought they were going to be $10.00 each. It turns out that transcripts for scholarships are free. Who'd a thought? And I had to have a text book and a lab book for my intro to computing class and each of those at the used price is like $86.00. Today I bought them both for $75.00 from a friend I know through my roommate. And my friend whose boyfriend pushed my truck out of the parking lot is also letting me borrow one of her old books for a class. God is just so amazing. Every time I want to doubt him or think he can't handle something, he shows up and rebukes my doubt and proves me wrong. He showed me today that he's bigger than ice, money, doubts, worries, cramps; everything. He really does care about our insignificant daily lives. That's why I love him so much.

So you can pray that sometime tomorrow, if the roads aren't too slippery, I can find my truck a nice little parking spot and not get a ticket from the police. But I have faith that God will take care of everything. Even my truck.

I pray your day is amazing tomorrow. And remember that no matter how big your troubles may seem, God is still bigger than them, every last one.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to the Grindstone

I've been on a Christmas/Winter Break for almost six weeks now. I head back to college on Sunday after church. I kind of have mixed feelings about heading back after being home for so long. I'm glad to be going back to school to finish my first year and finish classes. I also miss my friends. But I've been accustomed to being at home for the past six weeks and now I like being at home. But it will be so nice to be back at college and away from my loving but sometimes overbearing parents and annoying brother.

Yesterday was a very historic day for this nation. I watched the Inauguration and to be honest, I was sad to see Bush leave. I watched Obama escort Bush to the helicopter after the ceremony, and as Laura and George climbed on the plane, I cried as I watched all sense of familiarity disappear. Yeah I may be a republican who liked Bush, but it was so hard to see him go. It felt like someone had died. I hope Obama will be good for this country. I will be praying for him everyday, but we'll see what happens. I know God is in control.

Well, I will return to posting more regularly when I return to college. I've been away from the Internet for awhile so I haven't been able to post much. I will post more later.

God Bless.